May 12th

Today marks the end of the anniversaries of the 1916 Executions. James Connelly was shot May 12th, 1916. He was carried into the prison yard and tied to a chair, due to injuries that would have killed him in a day or 2 anyway. Instead of letting nature take its course, they tied him to a chair and the firing squad shot him.

Last winter, a Sinn Fein guide mentioned rumors that he was already dead when they brought him into the yard, which was the first I had heard of the possibility. It wouldn’t surprise me  – after all, they were only posturing and proving a point by executing him, despite his feebleness and injuries. Either way, the 12th marks the anniversary of his death – and this photo was taken in December at the mass grave site in Arbour Hill. I quite like the leaves in the cracks – and while I sat at the grave, a feral tabby cat jumped right into my lap and started purring like mad, at just the perfect time.

It was a great way to spend  the afternoon.

Rest in Peace Mr. Connolly and all of your cohorts too.


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