Other places

The blog has expanded!

First, there’s a book. A real-life, has my name on it book. Scary but true. you can get it here.

You can also get it on all the Amazon markets, Barnes and Noble, and any other bookstore in the world can order it. The link above is my favorite version however.

For updates, other news, gorgeous pictures, and all around fun, check out the new Facebook page! You can find it right over here.

For a more getting to know me, personal place that includes local (Oakland, CA) politics, blog updates, and occasional sappy updates about the rain, you can follow me on Twitter here.

Like custom jewelry and one of a kind adornment? You can find that as well as some herbal mixes for teas or baths in my Etsy store right here. (and I’d appreciate a sale or 2, since the Ireland fund needs some boosting)

For quick blurbs about interesting places and all things odd in the world, you can find some of my travel writing in The Atlas Obscura

Have a personal message you need to share with me? Email: lightandthunder32@gmail.com


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