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I believe in shameless self-promotion. So did you know I wrote a book? I did and it is a pretty decent one, if I do say so myself. It is full of bite-sized biographies, quirky history, and some of my favorite re-worked posts. It’s called “Petticoats, Patriots, and Partition” and the Irish History book covers the last hundred years (or so). The first section focuses on women of course, and the middle is less gender-based, full of the Easter Rising and other bits of revolutionary history. The last section transitions into the North of Ireland and its more recent Troubled past and leaders.

I did it all myself, so of course it has had a few revisions. You can find a Kindle version on Amazon but I don’t recommend it, because the formatting isn’t ideal. That’s what happens when you do everything on your own, I guess. For paperbacks, you can order it internationally from your favorite bookstore, or you can find on all the Amazon markets worldwide. In the US, it’s available at Barnes and Noble, Wallmart (shudder, please don’t buy it here unless you have to), by special order from your independent book seller or can get my favorite edition here .

If you’ve read my wee book, please send me your own review or post it on any of the sites where it was purchased. I could use a few more. And if you’re thinking about getting a copy of your own, here’s what others have said about it:
“This history book reads like fiction, so you enjoy it while you’re learning. I wasn’t particularly interested in Irish history when I started, but now I certainly am” – C.Lee (review on

While Tim Pat Coogan and similar authors have gone to great lengths to cover the major personalities, movements, and events to the point that they suck the air out of the room and the light away from others, the focus on those who made an equally significant contribution to Irish history, particularly women, is often overlooked. Ms. Haire’s book begins to address that imbalance.” – Anthony Roberts (full review on

“A well-researched and enjoyable read. This author really knows her Irish history. An added bonus are the sources in the back of the book. I would read more from this author.” – Christina Paquin (review on

“The best part of this book is that it’s not like a regular history book. The woman’s section is super interesting but the rest of it gets better and better too. I learned a lot but never felt overwhelmed or bored when reading because it was easy and entertaining. Five stars and recommended for anyone who is even kind of interested in Irish history – I wasn’t before but I am now” – Dr.Christine (review on

“History can be a dry read sometimes. This author has managed to write about historical figures in an entertaining style with bite-size essays that are a pleasure to read and very well researched. If you are curious about the history of Ireland this is a great book to start indulging in that curiosity!” – Heather J. (review on