Molly Malone

June 13th is Molly Malone day!! Some say that Malone is pure fiction – a made up myth rather than a real person. Those who believe that she did exist still can’t agree on who she was. One rumor says that she served the people of Dublin food during the day and spent her nights serving them in the world’s oldest profession. Another says she was a chaste fish monger, who just happens to be remembered for her not-so-chaste attire. Regardless, she has countless bars worldwide named after her, she has been the subject of many tall tales and rumors that people still talk about, and everyone from the Dubliners to Sinead O’Connor and U2 have sung her a song or two. Here’s the lovely statue was erected in her likeness on Grafton St. in Dublin. They say you should rub her for luck. Three guesses as to which part of her you should rub…

Molly Malone, Grafton St

Molly Malone, Grafton St


Happy Molly Malone day everyone!!


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