Merry Women’s Christmas!!

Gather the women!!

Today marks Nollaig na mBan, also known as little Christmas or Women’s Christmas. It’s an old Irish tradition that evolved from celebrating the Epiphany. Traditionally, women were responsible not only for the Christmas time entertaining and feasts but they were also responsible for all the holiday clean up…and every day clean up too for that matter. Except on January 6th, that is. Today’s the day they got a break. On Women’s Christmas, 12th Night, little Christmas –  whatever you want to call January 6th –  the men took over the chores and the households so that the women could gather and drink, tell stories, kick off their shoes and relax for a moment.

It was a real treat back in the day. Today the tradition has spread around the world and through emigration and ancestry it has evolved a little. In modern times, it’s a day for women to gather and treat themselves to a night out at a bar with friends, a trip to the favorite day spa or salon, or head out for a fancy meal. Nollaig na mBan is the day to play hooky from work (or from the house) and enjoy a day with your ladies. Create your own little henhouse, tell stories, catch up, have a cocktail and relax. No matter what you work too hard on – the house, your career, taking care of you family, etc – enjoy a day off, even if it’s only a mental one.  We deserve it.



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