Moore Street Wars

I’m returning to my favorite cause lately again for one more time (this week). Last night the “Banksy” mural appeared – and while it is obviously not Banksy, it is pretty great.


Well, it’s pretty great except for one thing. As one astute observer on Facebook said, “Just another time Elizabeth O’Farrell was edited out of the picture.” This artist didn’t even add her shoes. Still, the flash of color and the twist on the old surrender picture is still an awesome one.

Meanwhile, there’s a weekend of action planned on Moore Street this weekend. There are two different marches and protests planned, one on the 30th and one on the 31st.


And then another on the 31st as well. Make a weekend out of it!


I urge you to go to them if you are able. If you’re stuck half a world away like I am (for the next few weeks anyway), there are still other things you can do. There are many ways to help and most are easy to do from wherever you are. Sign this petition. Vote in this poll. Follow this Facebook page for information and updates, and find the others too. Learn about the history of the area. Buy a Battlefield Bond. Write to the Irish government. And if you happen to be in Dublin, please help both physically and spiritually by supporting this cause.

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