Truth in Seanad Eireann

I apologize dear reader, for being missing in action of late. The shitshow we are facing in my unfortunate place of birth is keeping  me preoccupied and so depressed that I can barely function, let alone write. I can only deal with the news or any sort of political anything for about five minutes at a time and usually after those precious minutes I am a mess and looking up visa options all over the world.

However this made me feel better today. I know truth is a rare thing in any political arena but in my opinion, this is one of those exceptions. Many Trump supporters out there will disagree vehemently with me (and probably call me a few names while they do), but historically they are wrong. Currently they’re wrong too, but that’s beside the point because if they cared about being wrong, they wouldn’t have supported him in the first place. I had to share this regardless of the poster’s description on YouTube because Aodhan O’Riordain speaks for me.

If only Aodhán would make it easier for sane Americans not in tech or medical fields to emigrate to Ireland… then things might actually start to look up.

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