2004 – Death of Joe Cahill, a prominent Irish republican and former Chief of Staff of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA).

Joe Cahill remembered ten years after his death

Stair na hÉireann | History of Ireland

Joe was known for his comment. “I was born in a united Ireland, I want to die in a united Ireland”.

In May 1920, Cahill was born in Divis Street in west Belfast where his parents had been neighbours with Irish revolutionary James Connolly.

Cahill was the first child in a family of thirteen siblings born to Joesph and Joesphine Cahill. Cahill was educated at primary level at St. Mary’s Christian Brothers Primary School at Barrack Street. Cahill’s father was a printer by trade and an Irish republican who was a former member of the Irish National Volunteers and would produce Irish republican related material at his print shop. At the age of fourteen Cahill left school to assist in the printshop after his father had become ill.

At the age of eighteen, Cahill became a volunteer in the local Clonard based ‘C’ Company of the Belfast Brigade of the…

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