August 5th, 1969 the UVF attacks RTÉ

Today marks a dubious anniversary. On August 5th, 1969, The Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) accomplished its first bombing in the Republic of Ireland. The attack was centered on the RTÉ Television Center in Donnybrook, Dublin. Luckily, no one was injured in the blast and only the facade and a few windows were destroyed. The main transmitting tower was spared in the explosion and security increased immediately to prevent any further attacks on the station.

The UVF was a violent answer to the Irish Republican Army and the civil rights movement that was beginning to gain traction in the North of Ireland. After they successfully managed to get a bomb into Dublin the first time, more followed. The bombing of the Irish Television Center was the start of what would be a 30 year bombing and killing campaign that spilled from the North of Ireland into the Republic on numerous occasions.

There are rumors that this attack and other bombings were accomplished with the help of British Security teams throughout the North. Collusion between the RUC and the UVF is well documented in other crimes such as The Miami Showband Murders but it has not been proven in this particular bombing.

Here’s the broadcast of the incident, directly from the target.

RTE reports on their own bomb scare

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