Embarrassed by ‘Merica

One of the many reasons I scour the world news is because the media here in America is useless. We get what we ask for, which is fear-mongering over Ebola, tea party agendas and a bunch of grumpy old men deciding what constitutes harassment or what women should be allowed to do with their bodies. When the time comes that we could actually change it, voter attendance is at an all time low – and despite the fact that congress has only a 10% approval rating, 90% of those up for re-election were voted back in. It makes no sense. Now we are up against a Republican (not in the Irish sense) senate and a Republican house who have control over everything from our budget to our bodies and our Supreme court.

It’s embarrassing.

As bad as the vote went for anyone who has a smidgen of critical thinking, what is just as  bad is how little any of the elected figures and talking heads know about any other place in the world. Muslims and Islamic countries have borne the brunt of that ignorance for over a decade now but unfortunately almost every country has had a share in that pie. This time it’s Ireland. America has a lot of historical ties to Ireland and a lot of love for the country across the sea, but this humiliating clip shows just how little those in charge of our televisions know about the Emerald Isle. When you think about the fact that 90% of Americans get their information and opinions second-hand from pundits and the “news”, it is no surprise that the rest of the world thinks Americans are fat, dumb and lazy.

So on behalf of those of us who have an awareness of other countries and pay attention to the rest of the world, those of us who understand both history and the present, and any of us with a love for Ireland, I apologize. Please don’t judge us all like you should rightfully judge Joe Kernan. It starts out just fine but the last 3 minutes or so are so cringe-worthy that I can’t even believe no one turned off the mic.

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2 thoughts on “Embarrassed by ‘Merica

  1. mike forde says:

    I was not expecting that… It was so sensible and then BLAM… Stupefying ignorance… 😐

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