No Surrender

April 29th looms ever closer and the Centenary celebration truly comes to a close…at least until May when the executed leaders will be remembered a hundred years after they were killed. The surrender was originally offered on behalf of the revolution by Elizabeth O’Farrell, but the English would not accept it from a woman. She returned with Patrick Pearse and stood at his side when he offered it himself to “prevent the further slaughter of the civilian population and in the hope of saving our followers, now hopelessly surrounded and outnumbered”. Some argue that it was no surrender at all, but rather a pause to prevent the loss of innocent life because the leaders knew the fight for Irish freedom would continue, with or without them. Others couldn’t bear the thought of standing down for anything, even if their leaders were asking them to. The end to the Easter Rising is a fact, but were the rebels defeated?

That’s a question I’ve been studying for a long, long time and my answer is still yes and no. It’s also for a different post, because this one is about what you can do in Dublin on April 29th to commemorate the close of the battle and to lend your support to those who are still fighting to save one of the most important areas of the city.

The good folk over at Save Moore Street have been working their tails off to protect the last battleground of the Easter Rising. Moore Street is historically vital to Ireland’s revolutionary history, and it is also vital to the street vendors who sell their wares there every day. The relatives of those who fought in the Easter Rising and the Moore Street activists have been working for years to protect the battleground and the fight is not over. A recent court judgement came down in their favor, but it left a lot of room for backhanded deals and unsupervised work, so there is still a lot of need for volunteers, observers, protectors, and community outreach. If this interests you, stop by Moore Street and talk with them. On the 29th of April they are hosting a wonderful, historical event that showcases Moore Street’s importance. They’re taking everyone on a walk that follows in the footsteps of the leaders of the Rising as they fled the GPO and you should join them if you can.

This family event is open to all and not politically affiliated. It is sure to bring the Rising home to each and every participant in so many different ways and it might even open some eyes to the challenges that these indomitable activists face. If you are in Dublin, or anywhere close, please join them. They need your voice and your support. Besides, who doesn’t like a reason to dress up in fancy clothes?! Not that you have to of course, but should you desire to this is the perfect reason.


It’s a fantastic way to learn and to experience what it must have been like to run from the burning GPO. You will travel through the alleys and lanes the fighters escaped through and it’s a great way to understand why Moore Street must be protected at all costs. I urge you to join them if you can, and if you cannot – send others in your stead. Share the Facebook event and spread the word. Commemorate the end of the Easter Rising in the perfect way, and do it for me too since I’m stuck too far away, back here over the puddle.

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