Lia Fáil Vandalized!

The Stone of Destiny on the Hill of Tara has been horribly vandalized again! A few years ago it was attacked with a hammer and this time someone threw tins of red and black gloss paint over the ancient standing stone on the Hill Of Tara. It is a stone long believed to have been essential in ancient king-making rituals in Ireland. This is such sad news. A spot so important and mystical should be sacred to all – no matter what religious or skeptical code you live by. Obviously, this person or persons not only doesn’t care about lore and history, but they have no respect for the land either. It breaks my heart. This type of destruction is becoming all too common at the historical sites in Ireland. It needs to be stopped.

I hope that the stone can be repaired without further damage and that the vandal is caught quickly. What horrible news.

In case you don’t know about the Stone here’s a brief history..

The stone had to accept the King of Ireland, much like the Arthurian legend – minus the sword. When the rightful king placed his foot on the stone it is said to have called out his name, declaring him High King of Ireland. It was said to have originally been positioned next to the Mound of the Hostages, the Neolithic passage tomb at Tara, and was moved to its current position on top of the Forradh in 1824 in commemoration of the 1798 Rebellion.

If anyone knows anything about this most recent act of vandalism, please please please let the authorities know. Or if you were on the Hill of Tara or in the general area, between 5pm yesterday evening and 10am this morning and if you saw anything out of the ordinary or suspicious please do get in touch with Navan Garda Station on 046-9079930.





One thought on “Lia Fáil Vandalized!

  1. Shameful. They have the same base mindset as the Taliban zealots who wrought such terrible damage to the ancient non-Islamic monuments of Afghanistan. As you say what would have been unthinkable a few decades ago is the norm now. Ireland has become a cultural wasteland.

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