Happy Birthday to Me!

This blog, Choosing the Green – Roghnú Glas is officially one year old today. My, how the time flies…

When I began this little project, the intention was to have a little place to put all of my Irish heroes, stories, news and photos in one place—and that is exactly what I’ve done—but I did not expect, support from other larger blogs, a Facebook page or any readers at all, for that matter. I just needed a proverbial tree to carve my love into and I didn’t really expect it to grow like it has over the last year. I am humbled by your interest, your  comments and your support and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This is a project of love and I have felt a whole lot of it this year as I navigated my way into the blogosphere. I just want to take the time to thank all of you for stopping by, reading the occasional piece, and for keeping me on my toes. It really has been a lightning fast year and I’ve written more than I ever expected to already. There’s more to come and I blame each one of you for that. This year was amazing. I have grown, the writing has grown, and the blog continues to as well – and it is with  a humble heart full of gratitude that I thank you.

In honor of the first birthday, here are the ten posts from this first year that I am the most proud of in no particular order.  I hope they’re still worth a read, if you missed them the first time.


The Women.






Peace. (The first!)



Once again, thank you. I already knew I loved Ireland and I knew I loved to write, but having this place to put both of those things together has been so gratifying and inspiring. I couldn’t do it without you either.

Go raibh maith agaibh


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    My other more consistent blog is one year old today! To celebrate, the top 10 posts that I’m most proud of in its first year

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