Petticoats, Patriots, and Partition (take 1)


So I probably just did the scariest thing I have ever done ever. I published a book. One that people can buy, and that has my name on it. It’s terrifying and wonderful and I kind of feel like an impostor.

But of course, I’m supposed to be shameless and promote it, so…here it is. It is a soft launch because I’ve not seen it in print – and I won’t until other people do too, which is enough to keep me up at night. If you want to jump the gun and get it now, just know that you may end up with a very special edition that may have questionable grammar or a misspelled word or five. Perhaps it may even have a paragraph that I forgot to edit out, but at least you might get it by the holidays.

If you want to wait and skip all that, the book will be for sure out there in the world by mid-December. It might even be available by special order (of course) from a bookstore that’s close to you, and there will be an e-Book option too. Right now those are not possible and it won’t go into the international database until I get a long look at it. For the time being it is only available through Blurb.

So for the impatient ones, here you go. And for the rest of you, more information and buying options coming soon!!

(says hail mary and throws the dice)

Be kind, world.

2 thoughts on “Petticoats, Patriots, and Partition (take 1)

  1. oglach says:

    Cheers! I’ll be getting copies for my mother and my sisters. (But me first, being the considerate gentleman that I am!)

  2. who says chivalry is dead? 🙂 Thank you so much for all your encouragement

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