Arms Around Moore Street

There have been various groups rallying around Moore Street in Dublin for the last few decades – and some have dedicated a good portion of their weekends and lives to protecting the area from wanton destruction. This weekend (and every other for that matter) you have a chance to stand with them, both literally and symbolically.

Arms Around Moore Street is an event that was designed to highlight how many people are willing to protect the precarious, historical buildings on and around Moore Street with both their bodies and their hearts. This event is entering its tenth year and the people who run it need your help this weekend. They need your arms and your spirit to boost numbers and line the streets so they can show the powers that be that the people of Ireland won’t stand idly by as their heritage is taken away and replaced with another unwanted shopping mall. Greedy landlords, developers, and corrupt officials need to know that they are outnumbered by people who care about their history and won’t allow the last urban battleground of the Rising to be given away without a fight. They need to see that the population believes it’s more important to save the buildings, support the market, and rebuild the area than it is to destroy one of the last remaining bastions of their revolutionary history. You can help with that just by showing up and holding out your arms. 


Moore Street stalls 2019

Honestly, it’s probably one of the easiest things you could do to take a stand. Enjoy a day, listen to some music and some speeches, and cuddle a building or two for a few minutes? That sounds awesome. The activists who have devoted their lives to the area for years have already done a lot of the heavy lifting and will continue to do their vitally important work. You don’t have to join them on the regular* but you should take this opportunity to show them that they’re not screaming into the void or fighting in vain.

Besides, it’s sure to be a hell of a good time and you’d be surrounded by many other fantastic people. It’s not supposed to rain and the chance to do something so painless for such a good cause doesn’t happen very often. Get thee to Moore Street this Sunday.

For more information about the ‘Arms Around Moore Street’ event, please click here.


History should never be reduced to a plaque.


*As of this writing Moore Street activists have been on the street every weekend for 240 weeks straight taking donations, gathering signatures, and educating people about the area. If you DO want to join them on the regular (good on you), they are there without fail every Saturday. Ask them what they need and how you can help. You can find their Facebook Page here.




One thought on “Arms Around Moore Street

  1. Judith Marie Mitchell says:

    They have my full support but I am in Australia unfortunately. I do not have any Irish ancestry but have always had a great interest in the history of Ireland and Northern Ireland which is what drew me to your blog. (thankyou x) As it is I had my 1st trip to Dublin last year and was disgusted by the lack of respect for the GPO which I thought would’ve been a sort of sacred site but was just a jumble of riff-raff pedalling their wares and seemingly oblivious of the past tragedies. Maybe I am old fashioned but history should never be forgotten I feel.

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