It’s my birthday!

My blogs have had a birthday! I almost missed the notification – but I turn two today…or one of them does. It is hard to believe, considering I didn’t even know I had two years of material in me. This one isn’t quite two yet, but since it is more regular, I’m celebrating it anyway. Earlier this year,  I posted my ten favorite Irish posts from my first year of writing. Now I’m publishing a book, looking forward to spending a month in Ireland come March, and already forging ahead. I hope you’ll all join me on these adventures.

First things first. I always dreamed of writing a book – and this one has been practically writing itself. I know it will come as a shock to you all to learn that it’s about Irish history. (giggle) It is in the final stage of edits and should be ready before the holidays. I’m nervous, excited, intimidated, and scared to death about it – but thrilled too. Many of the chapters started here with my posts – and I only have the confidence to expand them into a book because I have felt the love from so many other readers and writers – so thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Second, I need some advice. I will (of course) be in Dublin for the centenary of the Easter Rising, but I also want to head back to the North on this trip. This time around I will likely be traveling alone and that means reaching out a little more than I’m used to. I haven’t decided on my full itinerary, or whether I’ll be there before or after the Rising, (although I’m leaning toward a definite before) but I do know that I need some advice. My time there was so brief on my last trip and going solo will be a little more daunting, and a lot more expensive. Any advice I can get about reasonable accommodations, and places I shouldn’t miss would be appreciated. And of course, if you’d like to have a pint somewhere – anywhere on the island for that matter – let me know. It’s a long trip this time, and aside from visiting some friends in Cork, and being in Dublin over Easter, I’m pretty open.

Speaking of being in Dublin over Easter, I’m completely overwhelmed by all the events going on by so many different groups. You could probably help me choose, if you’re so inclined. I try to keep my opinions from leaking out too much in my actual posts, but who and what I write about, is a pretty clear indication of my leanings and interests, I think. Any advice you have there would be really appreciated too.

Finally, I just want to thank everyone for making the last two years incredibly gratifying and for keeping me on my toes. I never imagined that my little blog would bring me such joy – and that is largely due to you all. Thank you ever so much for the support, the comments, the shares, and your kindness. Without you, I doubt this blog, or my continual research and writing would have lasted. It certainly would not have grown into a weekly (at least) blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a book, and more. I could never have accomplished this without you. I am so very humbled and grateful. You inspire me.

Go raibh maith agaibh.


4 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!

  1. says:

    Happy Birthday from everyone at bampots utd try adding on a trip to see the famous Glasgow Celtic in Scotland see if any of your friends are members of a supporters club and tell them you want to make the trip to paradise ! hope your trip goes well !

  2. oglach says:

    Happy birthday to you! As far as reasonable accommodations are concerned, what’s your comfort level? There are plenty of cheap places to stay up north, but you’re going to need to dress for the damp (which you already know), and I’d suggest travelling light. Let me know where you’re thinking of going and I might be able to offer a little more advice. I hope you’ve booked a place for the centenary already; if I were you, I’d try to find somewhere outside Dublin and commute. It’s going to be massive. Also, go to Donegal. The farther out, the better.
    Looking forward to buying the book!

    • I’m actually in a hotel 1.5 blocks from the GPO in Dublin over Easter. Right in the middle of it all which will be crazy….and I don’t plan on sleeping much.
      I want at least 3 days each in Belfast and Derry, and the north coast between gets a chunk too. My last trip was full of the West… And the GORGEOUS countryside. This one will likely be more city oriented and a lot of public transportation instead of a rental car. That will be hard to get used to as well. 🙂
      My comfort level is malleable. I don’t want to have to worry about my things when I’m out and about – but aside from that, (and the problem I have with bugs crawling on me) I’ve grown to be a non-picky traveler over the years.

      • oglach says:

        You got lucky with Dublin; as far as Belfast, if you can afford it, try to spend at least one night in the Europa; it’s worth it. Derry, I stay in hostels or at friend’s homes in the Bogside. I know that’s not much help, but I promise I’ll work on it. I’ll most likely see you in Dublin. My entire family will be there; I can hardly wait.I’ll call on some of my Derry boys; I might find you a free place to stay, because they’ll appreciate your writings. (No promises on that, but I’ll try.)

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