Call to Action

No matter where you are in Ireland, Dublin is not usually more than a few hours away. Yes, if you don’t have a car (and who can with those insurance rates?) it can be a hassle to get to, but nearly every region has some form of direct transportation in and out of Dublin. That’s important because I’m about to suggest that you take advantage of those routes and hightail it over to the city this weekend.

You may be asking yourself why. Well, the good folk over at Save Moore Street need your help. You may or may not have heard that Heather Humphreys is appealing Judge Barrett’s groundbreaking decision to protect the area and its revolutionary history. You might wonder why the woman who was (until recently) the Minister of Arts, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht would be appealing a decision that clearly supports Ireland’s heritage, and you’d be right in questioning her stance. I wish I understood it too…and all I can say is that it seems to boil down to greed, underhanded deals, and corruption.

However, that’s quite enough about her. Heather Humphreys is not the point of this post anyway. This post is about the people who stand against her to stop the destruction of one of the most vital areas of the city and how you can help them. This post is about preserving Ireland’s history, and always remembering the catalyst that led to the country’s freedom. This is about saying no to another ridiculous shopping mall and supporting the historic outdoor market that’s already in place on Moore Street.


Activists have been on the street educating people for years about its importance. They’ve occupied buildings, held marches and fundraisers, gathered thousands of signatures, and put pressure on local leaders. They just completed their 93rd consecutive weekend on the street, talking to tourists and locals alike.


Photo by Bart Hoppenbrouwers, used with permission (and thanks)

Relatives of those who fought in the Easter Rising a little over 100 years ago have been fighting to protect the area for years too. When they went to court and their case went before Justice Barrett, many believed that they’d lose. In an astonishing coup, Barrett agreed with the relatives and ruled in their favor just before the Centenary celebrations of the Rising began. During the 1916Societies‘ commemoration marches on Easter weekend, people were joyful when the Save Moore Street banner went by, cheering and applauding the activists and chanting with them. But activists knew that their fight was far from over and their battle continues. This weekend they need your help.


Thanks again Bart Hoppenbrauwer for the photo


On their 94th Saturday of action, the Save Moore Street campaign is holding a protest and march. They need your support and your time, and they need as many bodies and minds as possible. Dublin simply isn’t that hard to get to and this is a good cause and a grand excuse to spend the day or the weekend in the city. You can honor those who fought in the Easter Rising by fighting to protect the area where their last stand happened. Moore Street is one of the most important sites in Ireland’s revolutionary history and it’s time to give a little something back to those who have tirelessly devoted much of their lives to the area. They deserve the support that only you can give them and donating an afternoon to the cause is easy. Once there, talk to the activists to learn more about what kind of support they need in the long term and sign their petitions. March with them and spread the word when you get back to wherever you call home. Bring your friends and family. Play dress up if that’s your thing.


Moore Street is a magical and potent place that needs protection from greedy developers and corrupt politicians. It’s so easy to help and stand against those who would destroy one of the last urban battlegrounds in Ireland. If you love Irish history and have celebrated the Centenary of the Rising, please continue to honor the memories of those brave men and women who fought for freedom and get to Dublin for a day or two. Show Heather Humphreys that you won’t stand idly by and allow her to erase their memories from the very place where many of them fought and died. Save Moore Street and protect the revolutionary history that makes Ireland one of the most complicated and wonderful places on earth.

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