Irish Against Trump

This has been a banner week for the Trump campaign, if by banner you mean “holy crap, look at all the new levels of unimaginable disrespect and unbridled hate.” The guy insulted a Gold Star family because of their faith and then accepted a Purple Heart from another veteran with a flippant comment before sticking it in his pocket. He threw a baby out of his rally. A video of racist, horrible things that his supporters say and shout at his rallies was just released and rumor has it that his campaign staff is near suicidal. In my opinion, this implosion couldn’t happen to a better man. When the Irish and the Irish Americans started jumping into the fray, I jumped for joy and pretty much haven’t stopped laughing since.

Many international leaders have called for boycotts that don’t allow Trump in their territories. Irish politicians, musicians and stars have spoken out pretty regularly against Donald Trump and his policies. There were massive protests planned for the Orange one’s visit to Ireland (which he chickened out of) and even Enda Kenny has joined the anti-Trump rhetoric – which is worth an ironic giggle given that his own party’s policies and plans are questionable at best.

And now there are pubs like the new Adelphi in Dublin that are getting involved in snarky and hilarious protests. The Adelphi has customized its urinals so that when the male patrons head to the loo, they are faced with the Donald’s actual face. Rumor has it that aim has improved by leaps and bounds since the wall decoration was installed.

This kind of news brings a much needed respite from the horror that spews from that terrible oompa-loompa’s mouth on an hourly basis. For those of us rational humans trapped here on the wrong side of the puddle, the simple fact that this election exists at all is a waking nightmare. This week has included a few juicy tidbits like the pub’s interior decorating that are so desperately needed for us to survive without crashing into a terrible depression that will last for at least the next four years. My new favorite comes from Doctor Denis Leary (NSFW) and it is one that has to be shared.

Denis Leary is actually a perfect example of the type of men that Donald Trump has at his base. Leary is a straight white man from a blue collar Irish family with “traditional” values. He grew up religious, hard-working, and has the occasional healthy dose of righteous anger. Trump counts on men like Leary to elect him, and unfortunately many are voting for him. When one rebels, I take notice with a deep breath of gratitude. The fact that Leary is one of my favorite comedians (and favorite imaginary boyfriends) doesn’t hurt either – especially since he has made me laugh for over twenty years.

That said, I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard since 1993, when the first version of this came out. And boy, did I need that laugh. This election is weighing on me like none before ever have. It affects my friendships, my family, and my mental state. I needed this silliness and truth to save my week, and in the most perfectly-timed moment, Leary came to my rescue yet again. In case you missed it, I hope you enjoy this spoonful of sugar (that helps the medicine go down).




2 thoughts on “Irish Against Trump

  1. Tho I dislike beer and pubs … tho I live west of the puddle and my travel days are long gone … I still like the thought of visiting the Adelphi Pub in Dublin just to pee on Donald Trump.

  2. oglach says:

    Loved everything about this except when you pointed out that No Cure for Cancer came out in ’93. Damn, I am old. 🙂

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