Bloody Sunday

You can’t really be an Irish historian without studying at least a little bit about Bloody Sunday. Many have devoted their whole lives to what happened on that day, forty-five years ago. Many books have been written, movies and documentaries have been filmed and the controversy surrounding the massacre that occurred in Derry is still going strong. The families that were torn apart that fateful Sunday still relive it every day and they all have questions that still need answers. Until the day they finally get justice, I think it is their voices that need to be heard, not mine.

That being said, a picture is worth a thousand words. So here’s my few thousand for the day.

There’s another march in Derry this weekend to remember the victims and to demand better from the authorities. Forty-five years on, there are still wounds that can’t heal, questions that need answers, and families without justice. Please support them however you can – whether that’s marching, donating, pestering the government, or simply taking a tour and listening to their stories. Boost their signal and amplify their voices so they may finally get the justice they’ve waited for, for far too long.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anamacha

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