Massacre at Ballymurphy

While I’m on the subject of documentaries and links, here’s another one for those who live outside of Ireland or cannot access current news specials from outside the region. “The Massacre at Ballymurphy,” is a shortened version of “The Ballymurphy Precendent,” a new documentary by Callum Macrea. It has been causing quite a stir online since its debut on Channel Four last weekend and has sent massive waves throughout the North of Ireland and beyond.

Anyone with a desire to watch the shortened version can either watch it on demand via Channel Four or you can currently see it without any subscription thanks to the folks over at Saoradh Nuacht’s YouTube channel. You can view the blunt and moving documentary by clicking right here, but I suggest you hurry it up so you can see the film before the trademark/copyright goons remove it.

It is just as great and heartbreaking as “No Stone Unturned” in that both have a gripping cinematic way about them that you simply cannot look away from. They both involve horrifying examples of collusion and injustice and they will both haunt the viewer for years to come. However, I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone with even a passing interest in Irish history, especially if that interest includes the North of Ireland and/or the conflict colloquially known as the Troubles.

It’s been argued that the Ballymurphy Massacre was the direct precursor to Bloody Sunday in Derry, and this film makes a pretty undeniable point of connecting the two atrocities. Unfortunately for the Ballymurphy families, nowhere near as much attention has been given to their case and their relatives have yet to be exonerated. This film (in its shortened version or the original) elevates their cause and makes their search for justice difficult to ignore. Rightfully.

Fair warning, it will make you want to see the full release as soon as possible which you can do in Ireland, Scotland, and England at upcoming screenings. The rest of us will have to make do with the Channel Four version for now.

Give this link a click and see the shortened version for yourself.


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